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Entrusting your construction projects to professionals is one of the surest ways to ensure the protection of the works, from both the legal and the quality perspectives

BMBC has adopted a number of innovative practices to protect construction projects of its customers. This is mainly achieved through the ways it organizes its administration and operations, and aligns to technical and legal requirements.

As BMBC’s executive director, David Ntamakuriro, explains, the company has come with new ways of working with financial institutions which facilitates clients to channel their money through banks. It also allows clients easy access to long term loans to realize their construction projects as negotiations are mainly conducted by BMBC.

According to Mr Ntamakuriro, the company is also building a strong culture of quality of construction works entrusted to it by customers, especially through strict alignment to nationally and internationally recognized norms and standards governing the construction and civil engineering sector. 

BMBC enjoys a very active collaboration with the Burundi office of urban management, infrastructure and social housing (OBUHA), as well as government agencies responsible for land management to ensure all construction projects entrusted to BMBC have secured all needed legal protections.

BMBC’s executive director cautions people who put their money in construction projects without working with professional contractors and competent government agencies to assess possible risks and plan for the management of such risks.

A considerable number of BMBC clients include those who were deceived by relatives or friends to whom they entrusted money to manage their constructions projects. Many of such relatives or friends ended up misusing the money and produced houses that were far below what the owners could expect or simply useless.  

Mr Ntamakuriro advises all those who wish to engage in construction projects for their families or for commercial or social purposes to entrust their works to BMBC, given its large experience in managing construction projects including for customers residing far away the projects’ sites. As an illustration, nearly 80% of projects realized by BMBC belong to members of the Burundian diaspora some of whom have never been on the site of their projects.

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