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Architectural and technical designBMBC design team offers
• Exterior and interior designs for residential, commercial, industrial and public building and infrastructure projects
• Facilitate soil testing
• Structural engineering
• Construction cost estimating
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Construction and Civil engineering worksBMBC is unquestionably unmatched when it comes to quality. We deliver projects in unparalleled durations. To fulfil our attachment to quality, we ensure maximum supervision of works entrusted to us and maintain close ties with our customers.
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Housing Project ManagementCurrently, BMBC is undoubtedly the leader in real estate sector in Burundi. We are currently executing the largest social housing projects in Burundi's recent history.
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BMBC WorkshopsIn addition to core construction works, we have added workshops as iron and aluminum welding as well as carpentry units working concurrently with the brickwork to ensure timely completion of furniture aspects of construction projects.
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BMBC LogisticsBMBC is moving towards high-scale mechanization of construction and civil engineering activities by acquiring modern construction machinery and other equipment that will not only help to ensure the solidity of the works entrusted to us but also reduce the exploitation of environmental resources such as trees.
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Building & Multi-Business CompanyOur contacts+257 79 500 Open 24/24hQ.Kigobe, Boulevard Mwambutsa, Immeuble Africana House