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BMBC is the very first construction company in the history of Burundi to run concurrently several major housing projects.

Despite existing since the colonial period and undergoing changes in acquisition and ownership approaches, public housing has remained underdeveloped in Burundi.

Historically, major public housing projects that can be traced in Bujumbura and minor ones in provincial towns were almost exclusively reserved to members of public service.

Factors related with low income of the majority of urban households, limited attractiveness for private investment including from financial institutions, exacerbated by the eruption of the destructive civil war 1993 almost halted public housing initiatives in the country.

Currently, land scarcity as well as the deeply deep-rooted tradition of Burundians to own a parcel and a house continue to make public housing a testing enterprise.

Today, the housing industry is gradually gaining momentum in Burundi after modern projects were initiated by BMBC and a few other promoters. The announced government public housing projects in at least two localities in Bujumbura will certainly also give a new impetus to the sector.

Currently, BMBC is implementing three major housing projects in Gahahe, Kiyange (Mirroir) and Tenga areas, mostly in financial partnership with the Banque de Gestion et de financement (BGF). There is no indication that there have existed works of that scale in the past of this country.

The combined budget for the three projects is estimated at around 80 billion Burundi francs. They comprise VVIP, VIP and standard houses and apartments.

Through the implementation of the projects, BMBC has acquired more experience in planning, implementation, management and marketing of housing projects than any other construction establishment in Burundi.
Such as experience coupled with considerable technical capacity allows BMBC to implement projects in record durations.

Moreover, BMBC has distinguished itself from other housing promoters through ensuring management, technical and operational autonomy along the project planning and implementation process, with the involvement of financial partners dwelling mainly on risk management.

The collaboration with important financial institutions such as BGF has particularly helped members of the diaspora who, for long, have experienced difficulties accessing funding for their projects.

Dear customers, As a key stakeholder in the sector, we are witnesses of the remarkable progress made over the recent years with regard to the construction and infrastructure sector in Burundi. We  also have a deep understanding of the numerous challenges that hinder people from accessing decent shelter as well as the realization of quality and sustainable infrastructure. Here, then, you have come in touch with an enterprise that was established not just do to business but to bring radical changes in the ways architecture and construction are perceived and managed in Burundi and beyond. Equipped with extensive field experience, we have come with new ways of engaging partners and customers and implementing projects. We provide customers with the most innovative and most affordable design and construction solutions adapted to their capacity and preferences. Our real time communication style and transparent way of engaging customers have relieved so many customers who had been discouraged from initiating construction projects in the country. Being currently the most preferred contractor by the Burundian diaspora, we don’t allow distance to hinder their access to clear information about why they should choose us or their opportunity to monitor the progress of projects entrusted to us. We are unmatched when it comes to accountability towards our customers. We have an indomitable passion for quality and excellence. We enjoy a high level of trust that allows us to easily connect customers with financial institutions to fund their construction projects. By contracting with BMBC, you are assured of the best services available on the market. We also take seriously the security of your investment and properties by ensuring all legal, administrative and technical requirements are completed well before the implementation of any projects.  David NtamakuriroFounder & CEO
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