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As part of its strategic plans to expand and modernize its operations to international standards, BMBC has set on an aggressive move to strengthen business relationships with key Chinese companies.

Over the last two weeks, Building and Multi-Business Company (BMBC) concluded cooperation deals with several leading Chinese companies in manufacturing and exporting construction and transport equipment.

Companies now in formal partnership with BMBC include those manufacturing concrete machinery, scaffolding equipment, finishing materials and road construction machinery.

A delegation led by the Technical Director was warmly welcomed at the headquarters of several companies in Chinese cities, an excellent learning and partnering opportunity that will inspire BMBC future plans for modernization and expansion.

BMBC is the fastest growing Burundian construction enterprise and is currently engaged in a resolute process of modernization which include mechanization of construction activities and use of the most modern construction practices. It currently owns the most active and modern architectural office, runs the largest real estate housing projects as well as the biggest number of residential and commercial projects in Burundi.

Most of the agreements allow BMBC to purchase construction equipment directly from the partner manufacturers. Joint venture in construction projects in Burundi and East Africa is part of agreements with some companies.

Technology transfer envisaged through the agreements will also benefit the country and the region at large as Chinese companies will collaborate to train young technicians both on modern construction and civil engineering practices, as well as on professional use and maintenance of construction equipment.

BMBC’s founder and Executive Director, David Ntamakuriro appreciates government efforts to avail a number of facilities including exonerations on construction equipment: “Construction and infrastructure is among government priority sectors, and part of our initiatives to modernize our work is possible because of such facilities".

He says BMBC is keen to ensure it delivers due return on the investment made by the government to facilitate our business: "Already, the implementation of such agreements will give a new impetus to the modernization of the construction and infrastructure sector in Burundi, create thousands of new jobs, and contribute to the country’s economy.”  

The collaboration move is also in alignment with BMBC’s social commitment to promoting construction practices and techniques that are environmentally friendly, sensitive to climate change, and consistent with nationally and internationally recognized standards.

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