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BMBC is implementing its largest housing project in Tenga, and the largest in the country in recent years. The area has a huge potential to become an important business district in the northern zone of Bujumbura.

BMBC HOMES Tenga project is being implementd in Tenga area, on the northern side of Gikoma river, that runs along Gahahe and Gasenyi hills, home to the Ntare Rushatsi State House.  

In addition to being close to the National Road No.9 (RN9) connecting Bujumbura to Bubanza and Kayanza, and currently one of the most popular destinations for families planning first home projects, the area has already been made a strategic location by the National Road No. 1 (RN1) deviation project.

Once the deviation of RN1 is completed, it will also be possible and easy to connect the settlement directly to RN1 without having to go through RN 9.

With the potential to host an important and modern bus terminal for international and up-country transport, Tenga junction of National RN1 and RN9 will certainly put the entire area in favorable posture to become a business hub in the north of the economic capital of Bujumbura that has already benefited much from by the presence of the State House.

Moreover, the strategic status of Tenga is very likely to be heightened by the projected Standard Gauge Railway (SGR) that will go through Bujumbura to connect Tanzania and Burundi to the eastern provinces of the Democratic Republic of Congo. The railroad will certainly be accompanied by the construction of a major railway station, which will help boost transport and trade in the area.

The future of Bujumbura is in Tenga. Building there is a brilliant choice.

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