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BMBC has developed a “never-stop-learning” culture. Through an active internal academy, we conduct constant capacity building and research initiatives for our architects to reach the highest level of competency required to deliver the best design solutions available on the national market.

We use state-of-the-art facilities and technology to deliver the most modern designs that sweets customers preferences and resources. The unsurpassed use of architectural imagery allows clients to get a clear representation of what the final structures will look like.

BMBC design team offers:
•    Exterior and interior designs for residential, commercial, industrial and public building and infrastructure projects
•    Facilitate soil testing
•    Structural engineering
•    Construction cost estimating

Building & Multi-Business CompanyOur contacts+257 79 500 Open 24/24hQ.Kigobe, Boulevard Mwambutsa, Immeuble Africana House